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Writing an Effective Call to Action for your Website

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You are just a few clicks away from completing your website, and all that is left to decide on is an effective call-to-action (CTA) button. There are many ways you can catch the attention of site visitors. However, the tricky part is on how you can convert those leads. How do you actually make them click that button?

You need to consider several factors to ensure that your CTA button is a lead magnet and an effective sales conversion icon.

Give Out The Freebies

Do you notice how most websites offer a free trial? That’s because everyone loves a freebie. So, if you have a free trial, cheat sheet, checklist, or any form of freebies, you can offer them directly on your CTA button. 

When you ask your viewers to buy on their first visit, these leads tend to bounce off your site by 84%. On the other hand, you can increase your conversion by 328% when you offer a freebie. It’s also an effective tactic for lead generation.

Button Design and Placement

Factors like button style, colour, and placement matter in creating an effective call-to-action. The colour should be contrasting to the background colour of your home page. It should stand out naturally. The more appealing it is to the eyes, the more people tend to click that button. Some people find it practical to put an opt-in box on the bottom, while others have better conversion when they put it on the right side. Either way, you need to test the elements of your CTA button on which works best.

Instant Gratification

They say that delayed gratification is the key to success. However, it’s not the same in this case. Those visitors are not there to wait around on your website. They would want to get something out of your site, and they want it fast. So, to give your visitors what they want (and to get what you need as well), make your CTA button direct to the point such as “Get Ebook” or “Download Now.”

Instil Curiosity

Making your audience curious will definitely spike up your conversions. It can be tricky as emotions drive most decisions. You can present success stories and statistics to catch their attention and get them thinking about achieving the same. 

Aggravate And Solve

Present a problem, make it worse, and have your CTA button as a solution. For instance, a website for a dental clinic. Your site says that toothache should not be ignored and that the more you ignore, the more it could lead to severe cases. The CTA button, which should be the solution, is “Book an Appointment Now.”

Intensify The Urge To Belong 

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People tend to do what other people usually do. In other words, people are inclined to “follow the crowd.” One way to persuade site visitors is to show the number of subscribers or people who have used your product. You can display statements like, “Join over 8 million users worldwide” above your “Sign up Free” button. 

The Bottom Line

There is no magic formula when it comes to creating an effective call-to-action for your website. But by testing out its elements and measuring how each approach is doing, you will soon find the right way to attract and convert those leads in no time.

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