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Make Your New Website SEO-Friendly

man using google on laptop

Creating a new website is such an exciting (i.e. stressful) event in a business owner’s marketing journey. Getting it designed to your liking and seeing it live is akin to building a physical store and opening it to the public for the first time (well, minus the hammers and nails and the annoying construction noise). …

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Using AI For SEO: Friend Or Foe?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is accelerating rapidly and will have a major impact in the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) industry. AI will affect SEO through its use of machine learning algorithms, which can break down big data and help predict how users will engage with a website. Business owners and SEO specialists will then be able…

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#1 In 7 Weeks With SEO | Anchored Arts

Anchored Arts Logo

SEO Services Lead to Exciting Business Growth for Sunshine Coast Tattoo Parlour Services Provided Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Content writing   Anchored Arts Tattoo Parlour is a reputable tattoo and body piercing studio based on the Sunshine Coast. When approached to work on Anchored Arts’ Search Engine Optimisation in October of 2021, the Tailored SEO…

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Growth In A Competitive Industry | Channel Tech Support

Channel Tech Support

How SEO Can Help Grow Your Local Business – Even in a Competitive Industry Services Provided Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Content writing   Channel Tech Support is a Hobart-based business providing on-site and remote IT support & computer repair services. Despite having years of industry experience, Channel Tech Support’s owner, Adam, had been struggling to…

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Outranking Rivals With SEO | Linard Floral

linard floral shopfront

Business is Blooming for this Florist After Dominating Page 1 with Our SEO Services  Services Provided Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Content writing   In 2019, Linard Floral made the decision to step up their marketing and online presence. Linard contacted the team at Tailored SEO for help in increasing both their online organic traffic and…

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SEO Beginners Guide | Part 2: How Search Engines Work

Part 2 Understanding Search Engines

Before reading this article, if you have not already, I recommend starting out with Part 1 of this series: ‘The Basics of SEO’. It’s designed to provide an overview of the fundamentals of SEO to those who a brand new to it. These blogs start from the very basics of SEO, and cover important SEO…

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SEO Beginners Guide: The Fundamentals Of SEO

Beginner Guide To Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Learn the basics of increasing search page rankings and driving traffic to your website through Search Engine Optimisation. Part 1:  The Basics of SEO This blog post is designed to provide absolute beginners with a solid foundational knowledge of SEO, which you can build upon as you read more detailed articles – or as you…

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The Impact of Video On Your SEO

video for SEO

You may not fully realise this but videos have a very big impact on your SEO. Video content is always an essential ingredient when it comes to organic searches. But now with the shift in search engine algorithms, it’s time you should put more effort and attention into videos. Here are some reasons how video…

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How SEO and Web Design Can Work to Your Advantage

woman working on seo and web design

To succeed in today’s business landscape, a strong online presence is needed to get people to visit your website. SEO and web design are two strong factors business owners can use to boost their online presence. First, you need to make people visit your site. Then you must give a lasting impression for your site…

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