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Building an email list has long been known as one of the most lucrative forms of online marketing. Why? Well, a customer typically holds onto an email account for far longer than any other account, such as WhatsApp or Instagram. Some people can use their highschool email decades later.

The email has increased longevity as a marketing channel, in this regard. And as long as the email list was organically built, that means it is a relevant customer. This combination can mean that you end up with a large list of clients interested in your product - the holy grail of marketing services.

Of course, it is not quite this easy in practice. You need to first build the email list, then carefully market to these addresses.

What Our Email Marketing Include

Email Marketing

Building The Email List

The email list is best thought of as a long-term plan. You offer something in return for the customer giving you their email address. This is marketing 101. The psychology of giving away something for free (typically an eBook or similar) to a customer is not disputed. It is the best way to establish a rapport and to generate trust.

And because they were already interested in your products and services, they qualify as organic traffic. Email marketing just works on so many levels, and it is not as complex as other strategies such as pay per click advertising.

Email Marketing Services

Optimising The Email List

When you have built up the email list, it is time to work on optimisation and marketing strategies. There are a variety of means to get creative when it comes to email marketing.

You will also need to consider the frequency of emails as well as what to offer, how long the email should be, what links to include, what keywords and content should be created, how to format and structure the email, and a host of other factors.

This can get a little tricky, especially when you are dealing with large lists above 10,000 or even 100,000 email accounts. At this level, you may need to run some analytics to understand what your customers really respond to.

Understanding Email Marketing

Understanding Email Marketing

Email marketing is a useful tool for every online business, and can be implemented in tandem with many other strategies such as blogging, content creation, social media, and video platforms. It can be used as a standalone marketing strategy as well as a complementary one to others.

Which is why, when you visit many online sites, you will inevitably see a popup asking for an email address. There are better and worse ways of displaying these popups and asking clients for their email addresses.

Aim only for organic and high-quality traffic, not to simply build up a large list at all costs. This is where TailoredSEO comes in.

Get Started With Email Marekting

Let’s Get Started

Get in touch with TailoredSEO if you are interested in building this list and embarking on a long-term marketing plan. We will need, of course, your email address as a form of contact.

But we hope to work with you on a long-term basis in terms of building, growing, and optimising your email list.

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