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How SEO and Web Design Can Work to Your Advantage

To succeed in today’s business landscape, a strong online presence is needed to get people to visit your website. SEO and web design are two strong factors business owners can use to boost their online presence. First, you need to make people visit your site. Then you must give a lasting impression for your site to help your business grow.

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However, striking a balance between these two can be a bit tricky. A good design company could give great aesthetics to your site but make it suffer from less traffic. On the other hand, a site that ranks high in results but has bland and mediocre designs is equally bad. Here is a list of ways to make SEO and web design Hobart work to your advantage.

Web Design Makes Your Site User-Friendly

User-friendliness of sites helps them rank in search results. Navigation time, the amount of time spent by users on websites, is taken into consideration by search engines. For instance, Google likes websites where people spend a lot of time. Users usually stay longer on a site when it is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

Having a page design that is fresh and unique gives a lasting impression on its visitors. A brand that incorporates its goals into its design could get an emotional response from its audience. This is why some company websites tend to stick to a common theme derived from their products. Customer loyalty can extend from just your websites into your products, and vice versa.

Mobile-friendliness is given more importance by Google and other search engines. A website that spent time optimising its mobile layout can get a huge advantage against its competitors since the majority of the people searching online uses mobile devices.

Good SEO Ranks Your Site Higher On Search Engines

SEO aims to rank your site higher on search results organically. SEO is significantly beneficial, especially for small business owners. They can optimise their services and boost their online visibility in their niche market better. By putting effort into SEO alone, you could get better traffic on your site.

Having a good design alone does not equate to a good website. A web design must also be paired with good content to further boost website rankings. Google ranks sites with clear and intuitive content much better.

When your site has good content and design, you are one step closer to having that ideal site. However, if it takes more than three seconds to load, then your site can be a big turn-off for your visitors. Integrating the right SEO strategies can help your site boost its load speeds. Providing effective SEO strategies is where Tailored SEO excels, offering the best services to its clients across Hobart.


It is important that you balance the aesthetics of web design and the technicalities of SEO. Having an understanding of both, and making them work together would give you the upper hand your business needs to succeed.

To learn better web design and SEO strategies, talk with the experts at Tailored SEO! We provide the best digital marketing services for your business needs in Australia.

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