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4 Setbacks Keeping You From Achieving Full SEO Potential

Want to see your website at the top of the search results? It’s every business owner’s dream to catch quality leads with a well-optimised website. Hence, it’s always a good investment to spend on effective digital marketing services. However, some agencies tend to overlook aspects that hinder your business from achieving its full SEO potential.


Whether your business has been running for years or recently launched, it’s important to look into small yet critical details of your website. Making sure your website ranks is often overwhelming that you sometimes overlook these things. Still, it’s not something you can’t easily fix. If you have trouble figuring out these obstacles, you can ask help from well-experienced SEO experts in Brisbane and Hobart like Tailored SEO.

So, what’s stopping your website from reaching its potential and, not to mention, the top spot in search results? Here are the common barriers:

Insufficient Quality Links

Those links play a critical role in the foundation of your website. When done right, Google algorithm detects and considers your links and even put value into them. However, don’t be tempted to choose the black-hat SEO solution. As much you want to increase your website’s rank fast, it’s not worth getting into any nasty penalty once caught.

Not Optimised for Mobile

People look into their mobile screens most of the time, every single day. Half of that time, they’re on search engines looking for anything that could come across their mind. With that, it is most likely that viewers might pass by your website on their mobile search. Hence, it’s important to optimise your website by revamping its site design, page speed, and other aspects. If you built your website a long time ago, it pays to revisit JavaScript, CSS, and images as they may have been updated and have now become more mobile-friendly.

mobile optimisation

Duplicated Content

You know what they say, “Content is king.” Make this your mantra when creating content for your website. Fresh and unique content can do wonders on your SEO campaign. However, this doesn’t mean the old ones are no longer helpful. You can still optimise existing ones by inserting relevant links. 

Aside from originality, the Google algorithm encourages content that actually connects and engages its audience. This means you need to write content that your audience can value.

Lengthy Loading Time

Who likes to wait for a website to load? Nobody. And the more your audience waits, the more you’ll lose them. Think about it. You have worked your way to the top, but as the viewers click on your website, it takes them almost a minute to know about your business. Don’t ever let that happen. Get your codes cleaned up. If your page remains to be slow, then you can get the help from reliable digital experts.

The Bottom Line

Those mentioned above are only four of the many things that could be holding your SEO performance back. It may take some time to identify them all, but the SEO experts in Tailored SEO can speed up your pace and rank your website in time!

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