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SEO Beginners Guide | Part 2: How Search Engines Work

Before reading this article, if you have not already, I recommend starting out with Part 1 of this series: ‘The Basics of SEO’. It’s designed to provide an overview of the fundamentals of SEO to those who a brand new to it. These blogs start from the very basics of SEO, and cover important SEO…

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SEO Beginners Guide: The Fundamentals Of SEO

Learn the basics of increasing search page rankings and driving traffic to your website through Search Engine Optimisation. Part 1:  The Basics of SEO This blog post is designed to provide absolute beginners with a solid foundational knowledge of SEO, which you can build upon as you read more detailed articles – or as you…

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The Impact of Video On Your SEO

You may not fully realise this but videos have a very big impact on your SEO. Video content is always an essential ingredient when it comes to organic searches. But now with the shift in search engine algorithms, it’s time you should put more effort and attention into videos. Here are some reasons how video…

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What to Ask a Web Designer Before Hiring Them

web developer web codes on laptop

If you are a business owner, then you would definitely know how big of an impact websites have on your business. Most times, your website would be your brand’s first interaction with your customers. To make sure that you leave a good first impression, you should hire just the right web designer for your site.…

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How SEO and Web Design Can Work to Your Advantage

woman working on seo and web design

To succeed in today’s business landscape, a strong online presence is needed to get people to visit your website. SEO and web design are two strong factors business owners can use to boost their online presence. First, you need to make people visit your site. Then you must give a lasting impression for your site…

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5 Simple SEO Tools to Check Your Rankings

seo ranking monitor analytics

How do you determine the success of your SEO efforts? There are many aspects you can check to see if your search engine optimisation efforts have paid off. One evident way is to check your rankings. When you look into your rankings, you will be able to see how your website and its pages have…

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Top Reasons You Should Advertise on Google & Facebook

ads analytics on personal computer on desk

There is some debate about Facebook ads and Google AdWords. Which is a better place to advertise your brand? No platform is perfect. However, when you maximise these two powerful platforms, you are sure to leverage your business in ways you didn’t expect. After all, hitting two birds with one stone seems to be a…

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5 SEO Key Metrics You Need to Monitor

man looking into the key metrics of SEO website

After a site audit, you identified a few issues and fixed them. You went through all the on-page search engine optimisation techniques. You did some link building. You also got the website rank up for the right keywords. Everything seems to look good. All there is left to do is monitoring your key metrics. As…

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How Does Internal Linking Help Your SEO?

man editing on wordpress blog for internal linking

Most marketers overlook this common yet effective method to improve your SEO — internal linking. This is not a form of backlinks.  It is not involved in content marketing.  This aspect is entirely different. At first, it may not seem much. For instance, can linking to other pages on your website actually get you ranking?…

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