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Why Seo Is A Long Term Investment

Long Term SEO

– you are planning to do SEO  on your website for a month or two, get some results and after that to make a decision on whether to continue working on it or not;

– you’re hoping that you can hire an SEO expert, pay them big money and be sure not to delve into the process of promotion;

– you believe that it’s enough only to invest once to ensure that the search engines will lift your website and after that, it will be possible not to be engaged with the website at all;

Then know. SEO is not for you!

There are plenty of other ways to get clients to your website, and with such an approach these methods will be much more effective than SEO.

How much time it will take for my website’s SEO promotion

An ordinary question of a beginner client. Be ready that no one can tell you up to days. Due to many factors which often do not depend on anyone and can affect the process of SEO promotion and its results. But an experienced expert will always be able to foresee the time necessary for each step.

Step #1. SEO analysis and creation on the basis of website promotion. Every expert on website promotion has his/her style of analysis and the preferences in methods. The analysis itself, as a rule, can take up to two days depending on the complexity of the website. The forming of a concept, that is the basic principles of promotion due to which are planned to achieve the desired results in SEO, in general, takes a day or two as well; for difficult cases – up to a week. During this step, the dialogue is essential between you as a customer (as it is you who understands all the peculiarities of your business and your clients) and expert on promotion. An expert on the first step can formulate preliminary deadlines of other steps and give a reason the customer.

Step #2. Consecutive concept’s realisation of website’s SEO promotion.

The terms are very specific to each case, but in general, it is possible to speak about periods from 2 months for the easiest cases, up to 12-18 months for difficult cases. There are a lot of factors which do not depend on expert but can seriously affect the deadlines. These can be changing of search algorithms (they change all the time), the changes of the competitive Internet environment, and hosting’s work peculiarities where your website is hosted and much more. In general, expect that no experienced SEO expert in the very beginning will not tell you the exact deadline, but only an approximate one.

Step #4. Website’s maintenance on the achieved positions. In fact, this step never ends. It will be better to say that if you’ve decided to stop SEO working on your website, be ready to your opponents will consequently get your positions in search engines. It will not happen immediately, but it will definitely. It is not necessarily that you are obliged to pay big money to SEO experts. You can learn to perform a line of everyday routines that directly affect website’s positions in search engines by means of your staff. Of course, from time to time it is desirable to invite an expert to analyse the current situation. The report will give you the opportunity to understand the changes in search concepts and which changes in the competitive digital environment have happened during this time. On its basis, you can make a decision concerning new tasks or just to correct your continuous work on your website.

All in all, it is necessary to remember that your business requires continues development. There are new approaches, tasks, groups of customers and all these changes have to affect the website’s changes, and consequently, will require new SEO measures. In general, SEO has come to stay.

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