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Top 6 Free Tools for Technical SEO

Boosting up your site’s traffic and accomplishing maximum online visibility are crucial aspects to every business owner. Fortunately, you can achieve this with effective search engine optimisation strategies. If you are new in understanding how digital marketing works, SEO focuses on different aspects of your website — all of which are equally important. 

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Technical SEO refers to the technical aspects of a website, and when optimised well, it can help you increase the rankings of your website. The goals of technical SEO include making the website faster, easier to crawl, and more understandable in the eyes of both viewers and search engines. If you are trying to check the technical side of your website, there are several free tools you can use:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics serves to be the ultimate guide when it comes to tracking the click-through rate of your site. You can go to “Acquisition” then to “Search Console.” Click on Landing pages, and you will see which of the pages on your site has the most number of clicks and impressions from Google. You can also look into the CTR field to compare all the pages’ click-through rates. Once you have identified good pages from the bad ones, you can put elements from the descriptions tags and titles of high-performing pages to those with bad CTR. From there, you can monitor how poor-performing pages slowly acquire organic traffic.


Browseo is a well-designed tool that shows you how search engine spiders view your site. This tool offers varying views on how a search engine spider sees your website and how it differs from how the human eye sees it. Browseo also puts highlights on the parts of your site that are important for SEO.

Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer

This spam killer tool is Google Analytics’ reliable SEO cleaner. Once you link your Google Analytics (GA) to Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer, filters are automatically added to identify and remove untrusted referrer sites from your list of domains. This then results in a squeaky clean, spam-free GA data.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is packed with useful tools from Google. This includes identifying the number of pages indexed, security issues and duplicated Metadata. To check your keywords’ rankings, click on “Search Traffic” then proceed to “Search Analytics.” You will see a list of keywords on your site that are being ranked. You can filter them by “Position,” and you will see top-ranking keywords first. Check at the bottom of the page to see those keywords that need more SEO help. You can start by putting more internal links to those pages to boost their ranking. 

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Google is starting to downrank sites that are not mobile-friendly. To better check if your page is not about to be put out by Google, you can simply type in the URL into Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool. You will then see a result of “Yes” or “No” from this tool.

Google PageSpeed Insights

A site’s loading speed is a contributing ranking factor on Google. The faster the loading speed, the higher the rankings get. To check the loading speed of your site, enter the web page URL to this tool. Google PageSpeed Insights also offers a list of recommendations that can help you and your web developers on how to boost or further develop your site’s loading page.

Look For a Technical SEO Expert

There are more tools that can help you monitor and improve your technical SEO. However, if you are a busy business owner or completely new to these terms, you can hire a professional SEO expert to help you out. Tailored SEO is the leading digital marketing agency that helps businesses in all things SEO. They guarantee results far better than your expectation. Their team also helps business owners understand how SEO works and how it can help your business. Want to know more? Reach out to them. 


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