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The Impact of Video On Your SEO

You may not fully realise this but videos have a very big impact on your SEO. Video content is always an essential ingredient when it comes to organic searches. But now with the shift in search engine algorithms, it’s time you should put more effort and attention into videos. Here are some reasons how video impacts your SEO.

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Google cares about videos, you should too

With Google’s constant push to improve user experience, they are finding videos as better ways to engage consumers. Google’s algorithms search for content on your sites. This does not only mean text but also other kinds of media you have put up. Google ranks the content’s quality and would rank your site higher or lower on rankings depending on its perceived quality of the video. Adding variety to your site’s content with text and video helps boost your site’s value in the eyes of Google because it would see that your content is varied, and they are also informative.

Videos generate traffic

One of Google’s criteria for ranking your site would be the amount of incoming traffic your site has. When they see that your site has plenty of visitors, Google would look for the things that make people want to visit your site.

People now value video content more than ever. So, people would be much more interested in visiting your website if you have videos on it. This is why many businesses right now are investing more into video content to boost their businesses. An SEO company in Hobart, for example, would want to promote their business even further. They could entice users to try out their company’s services through video content.

Videos keep people on the site longer

If your site may have a lot of traffic but people usually won’t stay for about a minute before leaving, it’s time to reevaluate the content you put up. Studies have shown that people would spend twice as long on a page with video than without. Videos help your site catch the interest of visitors much effectively than text content.

 People would spend more time on your site if they find the video content engaging, entertaining, or very informative. An SEO agency in Hobart, for example, could put a video about SEO and their agency’s services on their site. Rather than making visitors read a whole article, they are keeping visitors engaged by providing high-quality video content.

Google values the amount of time people spend on your site as much as how it values the number of people visiting your site. Since videos make people spend more time on your site, Google would rank the content on your site as more valuable for the users. It is a cycle. People like your video, Google ranks you higher on results, which leads to more engagement, and even more people enjoying your video content.

Video improves your SEOs value

You may have the most optimal SEO strategy but if that won’t result in conversion, then your efforts would just be wasted. Studies have shown that shoppers are more likely to make purchases after watching an advertisement or a video recommendation about the product.

Video not only increases site traffic and user session length on your site but also increases the chances of conversion, and help you establish a much better relationship with your target audience.

If you like to learn more about the relationship between SEO and video content, talk with the experts at Tailored SEO today. An SEO company that is dedicated to helping businesses grow with digital marketing.

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