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The Difference Between Content Writing and Content Marketing

In digital marketing, you would often come across the terms of content writing and content marketing. In other cases, they are used interchangeably, which is a common misnomer. Those two terms are related, but that doesn’t mean they are the same thing. 

content marketing

There is quite a difference between content writing and marketing, despite how similar their names are. Once you begin to learn their distinction, you will also know how to bring them together to raise the value of your content.

What Is Content Writing?

It is a form of content creation that only involves written content. The best thing about content writing is that it allows you to reach a lot of audience with a less written piece. You can relay what you want to tell your audience with just a few paragraphs.

Content writing can improve your marketing game since you get to convince the target audience to perform a certain action. Basically, your written content is what gets that reader converted into a customer. Whatever your business offers, you can clearly deliver them as an engaging message through content writing. 

This type of content creation gives you an edge to your sales pitch. You can present your services in several methods — not only in the pages on your website but also in email marketing, ads, infomercials, and landing pages.

What Is Content Marketing?

This is another form of content creation whose main goals are to attract and engage your target audience. Unlike content writing, content marketing can be more creative and less straightforward. In other words, content marketing is a set of strategies that catches the attention of its audience first before pushing them to your written content or website. 

The role of content marketing is to connect with your audience through emotions and interests. It is a way to build rapport with them and establish their trust. And once you do, it would be easier to convert them into customers. 

Content marketing comes in various forms. While content writing may be one of them, it also includes videos, infographics, podcasts, and newsletters.

Can I Utilise Both Together?

The answer is a big YES. Now that you know the value and impact of the two, you can use their strengths to create an effective marketing strategy. You can write content about your business while building creative content marketing strategies that can effectively lead your audience. It’s a matter of connecting the two — with content marketing as your opening to the sales funnel and content writing as the lead converter. 

The Bottom Line

When combined, content writing and marketing can boost your marketing strategies and improve lead conversions in no time. If you are completely new to this or don’t know where to start, you can ask help from a trusted, experienced digital marketing agency like Tailored SEO. After 12 years in the industry, they understand how content writing and marketing works and how you can maximise them.

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