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The Benefits of Google My Business

Remember how phonebooks and directories were such a big deal back then? When you want to search for the nearest phone repair shop, you needed to quickly look for that big book of yellow pages. As technology advances, there has been a significant improvement in how we look for products and services. Local business marketing is now done online, and people can find businesses faster and easier.

If you are a business owner and would want to boost your local marketing online, you can start by creating a Google My Business profile.

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What is Google My Business?

It is a feature and tool on Google that allows organisations and businesses to boost their online presence. It’s one way of letting your customers know your story, what you’re offering, and where you’re located. Setting up an account in Google My Business paves a great advantage, especially in local searches. Customers get to see you in the Map and can contact you in just a few clicks. 

Do I Really Need It?

The answer is YES. Google My Business basically offers free advertisement online. When people search for a business like yours in a certain area, a well-optimised GMB profile could get you noticed on the first page. 

So, here are the advantages of using Google My Business:

Get Noticed in a Google Map Search

Some business websites don’t get to the first page of search results whenever their customers look for their services. However, if these customers are looking at those services in a certain location, they can quickly identify your spot and click on your business to know more.

Boost Credibility

For customers to buy or ask for your services, they need to trust you first. You can do that with a well-built GMB profile. Make sure your details are correct. Ask for honest reviews. Upload photos of your products or facilities if you have a physical location.

Increase Traffic and Sales

Getting noticed in local searches drives enough traffic and might eventually lead to sales. Research shows that consumers who have checked your GMB listing are 29% to 50% more likely to purchase. 

Get Reviews

With GMB, you can start collecting reviews and later use them to influence potential customers’ decisions. Seeing honest feedback and rating on your page signifies authenticity, which also builds trust among consumers.

Discover More About Your Business

You can check how your GMB page is doing by visiting the “Insights” section. Data shows how visible your brand is, the engagement progress you have with consumers and the demographics of your visitors.

Stand Out in the Market

A well-optimised GMB puts your business ahead among competitors. By using relevant keywords and a catchy snippet, you can attract a consumer’s attention even during the initial scan.

Rank Higher

It is no secret that a quality, accurate, and active GMB page gets you ranked. And with that, the more Google can show consumers about your business. 

Get Free Google Advertising

While business owners spend hundreds on other digital marketing methods, Google My Business offers free advertising as long as you create an optimised page. Still, running ads and boosting your SEO is an excellent investment and is highly recommended as well.

Increase Engagement

You can customise your CTA buttons for your business listings. It then becomes easier for customers to contact you or book your services. 

Start Optimising Your Account

Now that you know the advantages of having a Google My Business profile, you should start optimising it. Review its details and make sure they’re correct. Post regularly and encourage your customers to leave a review. Once you do all that, you’re bound to get the best out of Google My Business.

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