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On-Page SEO: What It Is and Why Is It Important?

on page seo using wordpress

It’s been quite some time since you launched your website, and your ranking is not what you’ve expected. Experiencing this dilemma is downright frustrating, and you’re probably wondering what else could you do to help your website.

Every SEO strategy is different, depending on your website. Digital marketing experts might look into your on-page SEO upon doing a site audit. But why would they check there?

What Is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO is an essential aspect of digital marketing that focuses on the elements of your website. It refers to a wide range of on-page factors that affect how your website will perform in the search engine’s algorithm. These various aspects may refer to your domain, URLs, keywords, media files, and contents. You can also determine the user-friendliness of your site by checking your on-page SEO.

How Different Is It With Off-Page SEO?

Unlike on-page SEO techniques, this approach allows you to get more links to your site. Off-page factors entail link building and brand awareness through blogs, social media, and other content.

For example, submitting your links to online directories and asking other websites to put your link into their content are ways to boost your off-page SEO. In this method, you don’t make any changes to your website. On the other hand, optimising your images to improve your page speed is a form of on-page SEO since you’re making changes directly on your website.

Bonus! Simple On-Page SEO Techniques You Can Do For Your Website

Choose The Right Keywords
Make sure to look for keywords that your target audience may be using. Instead of thinking like the seller of products, put yourself in the shoes of your customers. What would your customers type into Google if they’re searching for services like yours? Also, use free keyword research tools to develop a better set of keywords for your campaign.

search google keywords

Write Engaging, Original Content

Create contents that are useful and engaging to your viewers. You can add images or animation to your blogs as well. However, make sure your blogs are not too heavy to avoid long loading time. You also need to make sure all your content is original. There are plagiarism checking tools you can use to check any duplicate contents. To make sure all your contents are of great quality, you can hire a professional writer instead.

Put Keywords in URLs

Improve your site’s ranking by putting keywords in your URLs instead of random numbers and letters. It also boosts the user-friendly aspect of your website. If you are one of the online users, which of these websites would you like to use a reference?


That’s right. You would prefer the latter. So would your potential customers. It’s appealing to look at, and it contributes to your rankings.

Come Up with Interesting Domain Names

If you are rebranding or starting your own website, you choose a domain that speaks your brand. Make it descriptive and unique. As much as you want to integrate keywords into your domain name, don’t fall for it.

wordpress settings

If you are selling red shoes, you might want for your domain. Though it’s easy to search, many companies are offering the same thing and having similar domains. The competition will be more challenging. To make your brand stand out, you need to choose a unique domain name. It also entails better engagement.

If you are transitioning into a new one, make sure you still integrate the old domain. That way, viewers would still land on the same page.

Use The Right Tags and Names on Images

Most people don’t look into the tags on images. However, putting the right tags to these images is a great way to optimise your page. Just like keywords, you need to choose titles that are relevant to your pictures.

Get Help From A Professional SEO Specialist

Looking into on-page SEO might be difficult, especially for someone who has minimal experience with it. This is why it’s best to seek professional assistance for your on-page SEO needs. Tailored SEO is the leading expert in Hobart for all things SEO. They have been in the industry for over 12 years and have helped many businesses rank up since then. If you want to boost your website’s on-page SEO and get it to the top of search results, contact our team today!

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