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How To Create Successful Marketing for your NDIS Services

marketing for ndis

Marketing is a profitable strategy for all businesses around the globe. Companies can make use of various marketing methods and systems to bring customers to their business. For NDIS service providers, establishing a marketing plan does not only allow them to achieve wide-ranging brand visibility, but they also get to help more people with disabilities in Australia.

What is NDIS?

According to their website, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an insurance support scheme of the Australian Government that funds cost associated with disability. It is regulated by the National Disability Insurance Agency and was legislated in 2013 and went into full operation this year, 2020. Many registered NDIS service providers help Australians get the opportunity to have their own house with a government-funded payment scheme. 

How To Start Marketing?

The traditional marketing approach is through print, broadcast, direct mail, phone, and outdoor advertising like billboards. Another effective method is using online platforms. Marketing is a way to give importance to communicating the services that your company provides.

The process of creating a marketing plan can be overwhelming, especially for organisations that have never had to “market” before. One of the challenges would be to allocate resources for your marketing strategy. Always take note that the modern consumer also has a process when making decisions. That is Discover. Educate. Validate. Buy.

Tailored SEO has the most excellent SEO services in Hobart and is the go-to experts when it comes to ranking up your site. They will cater to your marketing needs and has excellent knowledge when it comes to SEO for NDIS Australia.

When you ask for a professional digital marketer, they will help you in the step by step process and give your business the most effective NDIS marketing strategy. 

State Your Services Clearly

One way to give impact to individual participants is when you offer straightforward advice and advocacy. But when you’re competing with other organisations, possible confusion would start especially among people with disabilities. Questions would build in their mind. They would probably think of whom they’ll ask for help with their NDIS plan.

Think about how your brand can support people with disability parallel to other entities while considering whether your goal is between advice, advocacy, or remain with its current role. The NDIS marketing strategy goal is to build a convenient customer journey that aligns with NDIS while adding value with clients, and not make further confusion.


See updates with trends in your country to know the latest growth of approved NDIS plans. It varies across different age groups, locations, and kinds of disability, and this is one way of knowing the customers in your entire area. Once you have gathered these numbers, it’ll be easier for your organisation to target potential customers.

Solid Foundation

Investing in marketing is a good start for your NDIS business. It would be best if you invested in a great SEO approach to get your website ranking up. Remember that your website is the foundation in marketing your business. 

As the NDIS scheme evolves, service providers can keep up with the trend and make their companies known. Showcasing your website is an excellent way to communicate your services and convert leads to sales. If you’re found on the top of search results, you have better chances of getting more potential customers. 

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If you’re one of the service providers that could benefit from better SEO techniques or are looking for an effective NDIS marketing strategy, contact Tailored SEO and start your marketing journey with them. They are experts in the industry and sure know the key to help you out with making an effective marketing plan.

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