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Helping Those In Need During COVID-19

There are a lot of people struggling at the moment with what is happening in our country with COVID-19. Businesses are forced to shut down, people have lost their jobs, and many Australians are struggling to get by day to day.

Now is the time for everyone to help those in need. Any support to your local charity can really make the difference in someone’s life. The team at Tailored SEO recently donated 9 backpack beds to Hobart City Mission in Tasmania to help provide a safer place for those to sleep that don’t have a home or can’t access emergency accommodation. We have also donated food when we can to Ronald Mcdonald House so families have access to food while their loved one are in hospital.

How You Can Help

All charities need help at the moment and any small amount will help. You can either provide a small donation to your local charity, provide food or clothes, or even volunteer your time. Any of this can help make a difference to both the charity and those that are accessing those resources.

There are many charities working hard to help those that are struggling during COVID-19. If everyone helped in a small way, we can make a big difference in Australia. We urge all people and businesses to donate to their local charity in one way or another.

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