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Guide for Beginners in Promoting your Brand on Social Media

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Social media marketing is the fastest way to reach out to a broader audience. In just a matter of clicks, your brand could be known to people who have never even heard about you before. It’s the new kind of marketing, and its algorithm is not that hard to decipher. 

The best part of social media marketing is that it creates a highly effective sales funnel that drives the audience from awareness to sales. It’s the right platform to boost traffic towards your website quickly. 

As a business owner, you would want to amplify your brand’s digital presence. Even if you are still new in social media marketing, there are many simple ways you can do to get started.

Which Platform Should You Use?

Identify which social media platform your target audience is usually found. For a beginner in social media marketing, you can start with one or two platforms. To determine the platform to use, find out where other brands in your niche are most active. 


Optimise Your Social Media Profiles

Once you have figured out which platform to use, the next thing to do is to optimise your social media profile. Make sure to upload high-resolution profile pictures and cover photos. Add details such as your company bio, location, website link, and opening hours, if applicable. You can also mention your expertise, awards, or workshop that your brand may have.

Connect Your Website To Your Social Media Pages

Include your website link in your bio. Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter allows you to put your website right under your short bio. With that, people can easily click that link whenever they are interested in your services. As for your website, don’t forget to add social media buttons as well.

Share Interesting Content

One way to catch your audience’s attention and drive traffic to your website is to create eye-catching content. Get creative with your posts. You can have a variety of visual and text content such as articles, quotes, videos, memes, GIFs, and infographics. Don’t forget to put hashtags along with your posts for better reach. 

Post Regularly

There is no definite rule as to how often you should post. According to most studies, posting 1-2 times a day is ideal for a Facebook business page. On Twitter, you can post as many tweets as you can to gain more exposure. You also don’t need to post content manually, as there are many scheduling tools you can use. Just make sure to schedule them during the hours that your audience is active.

Follow Accounts And Keep Engaging

Treat your business page like it’s your personal account. You need to genuinely interact in comments and replies to gain better reach and engagement. You can also follow relevant accounts and follow back those who have followed you. Refrain from commenting only emojis and two-word phrases like “so cool” or “how great” as this looks spammy or ingenuine. 


Run Paid Campaigns

This allows you to reach people beyond your current network. People could be looking for your services and that they just haven’t heard about you yet. Running paid campaigns not only improves brand reach but also boost traffic and conversion.

With all these steps in mind, you can successfully manage your social media pages even if you are a beginner. Social media marketing is a skillset worth learning as it promises success in brand visibility and sales if done properly.


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