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Google Confirms New Algorithm Update This Week

Google’s Danny Sullivan has confirmed that an algorithm updated had occurred this week.

“Our core algorithm is updated all the time. For major updates, we’ll continue to share about those on @searchliaison, as we have been. We haven’t had a major update of that nature, but we did have a smaller one this week.”

While Danny Sullivan states that it’s a smaller update, it was big enough for a number of SEO specialists to pick it up.

Many within the SEO community have reported back with significant changes to traffic both positive and negative due to the algorithm change.

Most people are assuming that these changes are in response to the August core algorithm that affected a large number of webmasters.

Google’s John Mueller has provided advice for people looking to recover from the August core algorithm update. Mueller suggested that it can take months for website owners to recover their traffic from the August core algorithm update.

For website owners that are noticing a change in their organic traffic, we suggest the following:

  1. Make sure your website is mobile responsive.
  2. Check the content on your website and make sure that it is relevant, not duplicated, and provides a solution to your user’s questions.
  3. Make sure your website is clear and easy to navigate for both customers and search engine crawlers.

If you have noticed any significant changes to your website traffic, reach out to us so we can have a look.

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