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How To Get More Reviews With Google Short Names

Google has just released the new short name feature for Google My Business (GMB), allowing businesses to create a simple url that can will link directly to their GMB page. This will now make it easier for your business to get more reviews on your own Google My Business page.

How to create a business short name

You first need to have your GMB verified which is a simple of process but know that this feature isn’t currently rolled out for all business types.

The short name must be between 5 and 32 characters in length and will look like “”. The short name must be closely associated with your business and work within the terms and conditions of Google. It is advised to use your business when possible such as

Setting up the short name is a very simple process. First you need to sign into your GMB account.

On the left hand side menu click on the Info section and scroll down to the @ section in the middle to create your short name.

Once you have chosen your preferred name click apply and wait for Google to verify the request. If your name isn’t available you’ll get an error message. Once Google has verified the listing then it will show up on your business page and you can start using it.

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