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CRO stands for ‘Conversion Rate Optimisation’. It is one of many internet marketing acronyms, such as SEO, PPC, CTR, etc. But it is not just another acronym, and it has special relevance as quite possibly the most important of all marketing metrics.

This is because it represents the rate at which your internet traffic turns into paying customers.

The CRO is the rate at which you transform your ‘visitors’ into ‘customers’. Which is why you need to focus on making it as high as possible.

What Our CRO Services Include

Conversion Rate Optimisation

CRO Explained

CRO has nothing to do with SEO. SEO is optimising your site for search engines, so you get more visitors. CRO is optimising your site for visitors, so you make more sales. They are interrelated, but not the same.

The CRO will be different for specific websites. For example, a website selling luxury products might have a lower CRO than one that sells Nike Shoes. The luxury products site will have greater profit margins and it does not need to make as many sales, so the CRO will be justifiably lower.

But in both cases, a higher CRO is better. Your site will also have an overall CRO rate as well as a CRO rate per page and product. So you will need to take a wider look at your CRO while also working on specific elements of your site to increase conversion. Getting the site-wide CRO is as simple as taking the overall customer count for a given period and dividing by the overall sales within that period.

Optimise for Conversion Rate

Improving The Cro Rate

How do you improve on your CRO? Step one is finding organic traffic that is looking for what you are selling, and this can fall within the range of SEO. But step two is creating killer copy that is expertly formatted and structured so that customers are funneled into making a purchase. These are two elements that all sites will need, regardless of industry.

On top of this, you will need to consider more specific elements. Are there components to your site that are hindering your conversion? Are there specific pages that have a high bounce rate (the rate at which people ‘bounce’ or leave your site?

You could use heat maps to gain a visual interpretation of what your customers are doing on your site - you can see where they are clicking and at what point they are bouncing. In some instances, a certain phrase or paragraph could result in a huge bounce rate. And you will never be able to figure this out without using the correct tools and really seeing what is happening on your site.

Conversion Rate Optimisation for Growth

Getting It Right

At Tailored SEO, we are nuts about this kind of optimisation. Certain tweaks can have a massive effect on CRO - the metric that is most closely associated with profitability.

Many businesses can get nearly everything else correct, including their social media, content marketing, and SEO - only to fail at the most important point of CRO. It’s as if they do 99% of the work, and fail to do the 1% that would then bring them the most profit.

Don’t let this happen to you - take the smart steps to make sure that your CRO rate is where it needs to be.

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